Monday, October 23, 2006

More Local Paper Endorsements For McNerney

"Republicans and Democrats in the Tri-Valley should be embarrassed to be represented in Washington by a congressman with Pombo's values, ethics and political positions.

The better choice is Jerry McNerney, 55, a Pleasanton resident who has attracted bipartisan support in his effort to unseat Pombo. An engineer, McNerney has devoted the last 20 years of his career to the development of viable wind energy technology and is currently CEO of a start-up company that will manufacture wind turbines.

Far from being a political ideologue, McNerney represents the kind of citizen activist who wants to work on solving important problems, not use those problems to curry favor with special interests and as a way to raise campaign contributions." (source)

More McNerney Momentum -- Sacramento Bee endorses Jerry!

More "Newspapers for McNerney": Pleasanton Weekly & Danville Weekly endorse Jerry!

Recent Editorials & Endorsements

A must-read New York Times editorial: "Mr. Pombo's Map"

THE (SF) CHRONICLE RECOMMENDS: Replace Pombo with McNerney

BREAKING: San Jose Mercury News endorses Jerry McNerney!

L.A. Times editorial: Pombo a "Congressman We Could Do Without"

Modesto Bee endorses -- "Out with Pombo, in with McNerney"

The Independent endorses McNerney!

Esquire Endorses Jerry McNerney for Congress!


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