Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crunch Time.

Jerry's Blog: It's crunch time. Get your boots on the ground now...

"Let me be clear. We will not win this race without a massive volunteer effort. We need to get your boots on the ground. Now.

There are several opportunities THIS WEEKEND to help Jerry win on November 7.

Please don't wait until the weekend before the election to get involved. We need you now more than ever.

Please join us in Stockton, Tracy, Dublin, Morgan Hill, Manteca, Brentwood, and Lodi on Saturday and Sunday as we spend just a few hours taking direct action for our democracy. You can click on any of the links below to find out more information!" (source)

SUNDAY: Join Jerry and Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher in San Ramon

From Jerry: The Final Push...

Senator Dianne Feinstein endorses Jerry McNerney for Congress

""Jerry McNerney is not a politician," said Feinstein. "He is an expert on clean energy and that's just what we need in Washington – clean energy."

"One of the most important things we can do to protect our national security is to reduce our dependence on Middle East oil," continued Feinstein. "Jerry knows that global warming is a serious threat to California. He also knows that wind and solar energy are a big part of the solution. I am pleased to give my support to Jerry McNerney for Congress."" (source)

DCCC adds Jerry McNerney to "Red to Blue" program!

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today added Jerry McNerney to its prestigious Red to Blue program. McNerney's campaign was recognized for generating grassroots interest and exceeding fundraising expectations. Red to Blue highlights the premier Democratic campaigns across the country, and offers financial, communications and strategic support.

"There is a very clear choice in this race between the new energy and new direction being offered by Jerry McNerney and more of the same failed Washington policies from a divisive, partisan politician like Richard Pombo," said DCCC communications director Bill Burton. "Jerry McNerney has been added to the Red to Blue program because his campaign for change has energized voters across the district who are going to cast their ballots for a new direction this November."

"It is an honor and a privilege to be honored for my supporters' hard work and dedication," said McNerney. "Each day, my campaign welcomes new volunteers who are excited about the opportunity to restore ethics and integrity to Congress. Richard Pombo is a corrupt and radical Republican who rubber stamps George Bush's foreign policy failures. With the DCCC's help, I look forward to taking America in a new direction and changing our course in Iraq."" (source)

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