Friday, October 27, 2006

Pombo: Too Close To Jack Abramoff (Marianas)

(Campaign Money Watch Ad)

Press Release


Rep. Pombo's Refusal to Investigate Jack Abramoff Exposed in Hard-Hitting, But Humorous, Television Ad

One Of The 13 Most Corrupt Members Of Congress, Pombo Took Thousands In Campaign Donations From Convicted Lobbyist And His Clients

"Rep. Richard Pombo's refusal to investigate convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff's lobbying on behalf of clients from the Northern Mariana Islands is the subject of one of the most creative and compelling television ads of the fall in the northern California district.

Entitled "Baker's Dozen," the ad begins by mentioning that Pombo has been named one of the thirteen most corrupt members of Congress by an independent watchdog group. Then it shows Pombo receiving campaign donations from Abramoff as a voice-over describes the human rights abuses widely reported on in the Northern Mariana Islands, over which Pombo's committee has jurisdiction. Both Pombo's and Abramoff's faces appear on animated muffins in the ad. It ends by demanding that Pombo launch an investigation.

The ad is being run by Campaign Money Watch, a campaign reform group that holds politicians accountable. It is slated to air for 12 days starting today in the 11th Congressional District.

"Pombo took thousands of dollars from Abramoff and his Mariana Islands clients," intones the announcer in the ad. "Then, when Pombo was asked to investigate child prostitution and forced abortions on the islands, Pombo refused."

"Richard Pombo needs to be held accountable for his inaction on serious human rights abuses, in apparent payback to lobbyists and campaign donors," commented David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch. "Despite mounting evidence, he's refused to investigate anything to do with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Money may not buy everything, but perhaps it buys blinders for Pombo."

The ad can be viewed at

The group is spending approximately $125,000 to pay for and run the advertising.


Campaign Money Watch is a project of Public Campaign Action Fund, a national watchdog organization that holds politicians accountable for the favors they give to wealthy campaign donors and fights to pass comprehensive campaign finance reform. Campaign Money Watch led voter education efforts in Tom DeLay's home district as well as Ralph Reed's unsuccessful run for Lieutenant Governor in Georgia." (source)

Call on Pombo to investigate Jack Abramoff’s sleazy deals on the Marianas.

"Despite widespread reports of human rights and labor law violations on the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth, Rep. Richard Pombo repeatedly refused to investigate the abuses. According to an Interior Department report and major news stories, these abuses included child prostitution and forced abortion.

Why wouldn’t Pombo’s House Committee on Resources, which had jurisdiction, investigate these charges? Perhaps because convicted llobbyist Jack Abramoff and his Mariana clients gave Pombo thousands in campaign donations.

Call on Pombo to investigate Jack Abramoff’s sleazy deals on the Marianas." (source & petition)


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