Saturday, July 22, 2006

Progressive 11th Pombo / McNerney Update

"Trouble" for Richard Pombo

"Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, has become the first political casualty of the Jack Abramoff lobbying and money scandals with his loss yesterday in Georgia's lieutenant governor's race to a previously unknown state senator.


Reed took money from Abramoff's American Indian casino clients through a variety of conduits and manipulated Christian groups to act as fronts to oppose gambling competition for the tribes. He helped Abramoff oppose legislation to extend protections to women and children employed by sweatshops in the Northern Mariana Islands, despite the fact that our government had reported that the employers forced employees to enter the sex-tourism trade. When these immigrant workers inevitably became pregnant, they were forced to have abortions.

Reed never once said that it was wrong to take the casino money and use Christian groups as fronts. And he refused to acknowledge that it was widely known what was happening in the Marianas—ABC's “20/20” did an expose in the 1998—years before he took on the lobbying work.

Clearly, Georgia voters understood this better than Reed. But the message they sent was not just to Reed. They sent a powerful message to Democrats and Republicans alike around the country: Politicians who side with donors and big moneyed interests and not with voters can't depend on their base for turning out for them or staying faithful on Election Day.

This spells trouble for scandal-ridden members of Congress like Richard Pombo, R-Calif..." (More_At-Source)

McNerney requests Pombo move stalled wilderness bills and stop "playing election year politics" (source)

McNerney: Pombo, Bush wrong on stem cell research veto (source)

The Record: Pombo's foe faces steep cash climb - McNerney fund-raising efforts gain ground, but huge gap persists (source)

Jerry McNerney

DCDL: McNerney Fundraiser Followup (source)

Say No To Pombo: Mr. McNerney Went to Washington (source)

Listen To Jerry McNerney On Al Franken/Air America Radio Here!

Richard Pombo

"Pombo’s Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act isn’t the answer. It contains too many loopholes and potential giveaways. It won’t truly help wildlife, although it could give a big boost to large landholders, mining companies, logging firms and suburban developers." (source)

"The leadership PAC of Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Stockton, lists $22,896 in hotel expenditures for donors and $320 worth of baseball tickets." (source)

The Record: Pombo decides to scuttle 'casino night' fund-raiser (source)

Tracy Press: Pombo's plan won't solve problems (source)

Modesto Bee: Q&A: Pombo pushes habitat bill (source)

The Drilling Continues...

"The desire to allow for more offshore drilling is so strong that proponents have sweetened the pot with money. Some of the decisions on how close to the shore the drilling would be allowed would be left in the hands of states. If states go along, they can reap huge revenues reaching billions of dollars. States along the Gulf of Mexico especially stand to gain under the plan.

So this is what it has come to: If you can't sway states on offshore drilling on principle, try to buy 'em out. States that need the money might be tempted to take the bait" (source)

Huffington Post/Carl Pope: Sacrificing New Mexico to Sacrifice Florida to Sacrifice California to... (source)

AP: Offshore drilling compromise proposed, Cal officials opposed (source)

Tennessean: Environment for sale (source)

Contra Costa Times: Increase in western states fires linked to warming climate (source)

Around The Blogosphere

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