Sunday, March 05, 2006

There's rumors on the internets...

This one's been getting around. RawStory links to it, underneath the Headline to an AP article on Duke Cunningham and his 8 year sentence for bribery. Down With Tyranny blogs about it as well.

IT is a blog at Preemptive Karma by Carla in which she says that a "A DC political operative" has indicated that defense contractor and Cunningham co-conspirator, Brent "Wilkes will implicate four more Republicans for possible criminal activity: Richard Pombo,John Doolittle,Duncan Hunter, and Jerry Lewis." She also claims that her source is "highly certain." (Source) I also have to admit I don't know anything about the blog, blogger, or her source, so take it for what it is. But it's certainly making it's rounds.

Here's something from NBC San Diego about Duke Cunningham potentially implicating others:
"Friday's sentencing of former U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham is just one phase of a wide-ranging scandal that could eventually implicate more politicians, businessmen and high-ranking members of the Central Intelligence
Agency, experts say.

There are no shortage of names linked to the Cunningham scandal.

The CIA'S third-ranking official had a connection to San Diego businessman Brent Wilkes, an alleged co-conspirator in the case, according to an article published in Newsweek this week. Wilkes is also tied to former Speaker of the House of Representatives Tom DeLay.

Katherine Harris, who supervised the 2000 presidential recount, could also be connected to the case. Investigators said Mitchell Wade, the man who admitted to bribing Cunningham, funneled $32,000 to Harris. Harris said she's
hasn't done anything wrong and has donated the money to charity." (Source)


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