Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-CA) - News Round Up

CCTimes: McNerney takes his official oath of office - Pleasanton Democrat makes speech in support of the ethics reform package - Fight just beginning for McNerney

"Eight weeks after voters swept underdog Democrat Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton into Congress amid a national anti-GOP wave, he took the official oath of office Thursday on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Free of that pesky tagline "Rep.-elect," 55-year-old McNerney then cast his first votes with Democratic colleagues in favor of a House ethics reform package that, among other things, bars Congress from taking gifts from lobbyists or accepting free rides in corporate jets.

McNerney also delivered his first speech on the floor of the House, a two-minute statement in support of the ethics bills." (source)

Tracy Press: McNerney pushes ethics reform after swear-in ceremony

"“It’s appropriate that the incoming Congress is making ethics reform one of its first acts,” McNerney said in his first statement in Congress, according to a transcript. “This issue is personally important to me and to all Californians.

"We need to provide Congress with a fresh start and improve the strained relationship that exists between voters and elected officials. Members of Congress should be held in high regard by the people they represent, and ethics changes will help repair years of damage.

“We must re-establish a positive relationship with everyone we serve and end this period of mistrust in government."" (source)

SFChron: No more free lunch for House -- ethics rules changed on first day

"Newly elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi racked up her first legislative victory of the 110th Congress on Thursday, passing ethics reforms that will ban gifts and meals paid for by lobbyists and strictly limit travel for lawmakers funded by outside groups.


Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, who beat powerful House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo, in part by saying the Tracy Republican was in the pocket of the oil and gas industry, gave his first floor speech Thursday, calling for new rules to "improve the strained relationship that exists between voters and elected officials."

"In traveling throughout California, I heard from people who simply wanted to believe their representative again," McNerney said. "Today we're sending the message that we feel the same way."" (source)

The Record: McNerney to be sworn in to House seat

"McNerney's initial committee assignment is on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which he says will put him in position to solve some of the area's levee and road problems.

Two projects he has in mind will be to smooth access to Interstate 5 from Stockton Metropolitan Airport and the Port of Stockton. McNerney said he's also working with his environmental allies to find a way to dredge the port's Deep Water Channel." (source)

ABCNews10: McNerney Gets Settled in New Capitol Office
Marcey Brightwell's Report
News10 Good Morning Interview

CCTimes: Welcome to Washington, Rep. McNerney

The Record: Can McNerney live up to some Pombo vows?

McClatchy: New congressman begins term with a bull's-eye on his back

Tracy Press: McNerney touts reform in national address

AP: McNerney: Revive integrity

Tracy Press: McNerney says some issues too important for compromise


CCTimes: `Dragon slayer' prepares for freshman Congressional term

Gilroy Dispatch: Getting Politically Involved Is More Than a Right, It's a Duty


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