Monday, January 08, 2007

Howard Dean Recognizes Jerry McNerney, Grassroots, Netroots

Roughly Transcribed from DNC Chairman Howard Dean's, "Message to the Netroots" on PoliticsTV/Youtube.

Howard Dean: "Hi I'm Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. I want to thank all of you who voted and especially all of who got out and worked so hard for what turns out to be a really big win...."

"Nine out of the thirty-five races that were selected by the DCCC were winners. The rest of them were all folks who started on their own with enormous grassroots organization which the DCCC went out and helped find and finance. And there were some who didn't get any help from any of us, including the DNC, people like Carol Shea Porter and Jerry McNerney and John very little help.

And it was all the netroots and the people knocking on doors, people going out and talking to their neighbors. That's the most important thing on politics. You can't win without television but you can't win if that's all you do is television and reconnecting people to each other is the new politics in America and you're doing it and you've got to keep doing it because that's how we win."

View the entire video on Youtube.


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