Thursday, February 09, 2006

Steve Filson 'earns' Machado's endorsement or Machado endorses Filson 'after failing to woo councilwoman'

Headline from Steve Filson's website: 'Steve Filson Earns Endorsement of Senator Michael Machado' (Source)

The Record article entitled, 'Machado won't challenge Pombo - Senator backs pilot after failing to woo councilwoman' goes on to say that '...Machado only endorsed Filson after failing to enlist former Stockton City Councilwoman Ann Johnston.' (Source)

Machado's 'endorsement' of Filson joins the DCCC's 'endorsement' but non-endorsement, as well as endorsements from such establishment figures as Rahm Emanuel, Zoe Lofgren, and Ellen Tauscher. A full list is available Here.


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